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Your Smile Direct Alert! Don’t Be Bullied With Invisible Orthodontics

Invisalign’s entry into the field of orthodontics revolutionized the concept of cosmetic orthodontics. When the first treatments began, aesthetic orthodontic treatments were performed with porcelain braces . These braces were quite discreet and were very popular with the adult population.

Invisalign eliminated at the root all the inconveniences that patients who underwent treatment with cosmetic braces could observe:


Some patients, the most demanding with their aesthetics, claimed that they still saw each other, since people around them said so or when they looked in the mirror. With Invisalign’s clear aligners that was no longer a problem, they were transparent and very fine, so they went unnoticed even by the most critical eyes.


Many patients complained that the braces accumulated a lot of food debris that was very difficult to remove with brushing. The Invisalign aligners could be removed to clean the teeth so that patients can ensure proper dental hygiene every day.


The braces can cause ulcers on the cheeks and tongue during a treatment talking or eating, which usually cause the patient to approach the dental clinic to solve that problem, which can be a great disorder in the daily agenda each. These problems disappear with invisalign clear aligners . By being able to remove them to eat there is nothing that rubs the cheeks and tongue during chewing. As their surface is very smooth and polished, they do not produce any sore or ulcer when wearing them, so the patient almost does not have to go to the dental clinic for any emergency, avoiding wasted time. 


The most impatient and demanding patients needed to know how their teeth would look at the end of the treatment. The Clincheck software is capable of generating a virtual set-up (digital recreation of the treatment) allowing the orthodontist to diagnose the cases with more precision and teach the patient the final result of the patient treatment so that he can get an idea of ​​how his final smile.

It did not take long for new companies to appear that after an important research effort developed their own transparent aligners such as Orthocaps, Alineadent … which, following the prescriptions that orthodontists carried out, achieved very favorable results.


Over the years, new companies have emerged. One of the last to appear has been Your Smile Direct . This company offers its  clients to  correct their teeth with clear aligners without the supervision of any orthodontist .

How does it work? Simple, the person who wants to align their teeth contacts them through the website and the company sends everything necessary for that same person to take the necessary records himself or herself. The aligner set is then delivered to your home for use by following the instructions in the aligner kit. All this without the supervision of any orthodontist , this supposes a great reduction in the price of a treatment of these characteristics.

A big discount that can be a big problem because if no professional controls the diagnosis and evolution of the treatment, it can pose a risk to any client, who is not a patient of this company.

After an exhaustive investigation by the Official College of Dentists and Stomatologists of the 1st Region (COEM) has warned about the activity of this company due to the way it proceeds with this type of invisible orthodontic treatments. According to his research, this company is headquartered and distributes its invisible orthodontic treatment kits from Ireland , without any dentist or stomatologist, be they an orthodontic specialist or not, from Spain directing these treatments or taking responsibility for them.

Thus the  customers  who use these aligners are completely helpless in the event of cuaquier problem. That is why it has reported this activity to the competent authorities. Recently, the Madrid Guard Investigating Court has opened an investigation against those responsible for this company after the information that the COEM has provided.

 GO TO YOUR TRUSTED DENTIST TO FOLLOW ANY DENTAL TREATMENT !! All dental treatment must be performed by a registered dentist. Likewise, all dental treatment that requires the collaboration of other professionals outside a dental clinic must be directed by a dentist or stomatologist. There are two very clear examples:

Rehabilitation treatments with dental prostheses: This type of dental treatment requires the collaboration of a dental technician. This professional will make dental prostheses in the laboratory ALWAYS under the prescription of the dentist and he will be in charge of placing and adjusting them in the patient’s mouth.

Digital confection orthodontic treatments: This type of orthodontics is being increasingly used by orthodontists. With the help of sophisticated computer programs, much more precise orthodontic treatments (metal braces, cosmetic braces, lingual braces, aligners) can be designed. The orthodontist establishes a treatment plan and the laboratory technician designs the appliances that the orthodontist will use to correct the malocclusion or bite problem that the patient presents.

The dentist is the only professional who has the necessary knowledge to know what problem needs to be corrected in each patient and which treatment is going to solve it best.

The Power Of A Smile: Trust Smile Direct Club

A smile can have the ability to interrupt down walls. it’s a robust social glue that binds us to others. such a lot in order that it spreads from one to another; If we smile honestly, we’ll even make those ahead folks and ourselves feel better. it’s scientifically proven that a smile increases happiness. Even babies do it a smile on their faces.

As adults the attitude changes and to smile, on many occasions, dental aesthetics is decisive. the looks of the teeth and mouth play a decisive role within the self-esteem of just about all people.This can affect your social life, when it involves manifestation for employment interview or an intervention publicly. the looks of the mouth can determine our relationship with the globe.

SmileDirectClub is awake to the importance of oral health, and has always been very clear about its objective. Since its founding, it’s used its pioneering telehealth platform to create dentistry accessible to everyone. Financial reasons would not be the explanation to accept crooked teeth. Thus, its purpose is to extend access to affordable, premium quality aid, so more and more people profit of the potential of their smile and might change their lives after regaining confidence in their appearance. To date, it’s quite a million clients in 13 countries.

And how is it achieved? because of the numerous possibilities of the digital environment, it offers safe and effective clear aligner treatments. 

The process is activated with a visit to at least one of the Smile Shops that the corporate has distributed in Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia. A registered dentist will attend to the patient, who will collect all the data necessary to produce the suitable treatment. After the appointment, a dental specialist within the treatment will review the 3D image of your teeth and therefore the photographs. After the detailed analysis, it’ll be determined which is that the most appropriate treatment for the patient’s needs. 

All aligners are shipped in one attend the client’s home for complete treatment. SmileDirectClub aligners are prime quality, fabricated from soft and comfy BPA-free plastic. Transparent, safe and efficient, they’re manufactured within the USA in one in all the most important 3D printing plants with quite 60 next generation HP printers.

Although it’s a telehealth company, the client can head to the physical SmileDirectClub centers whenever they require. A registered dentist or orthodontist in Spain will prescribe and supervise the complete process from start to complete through the teleodontology platform. this method guarantees the identical level of care as in physical visits. But if the patient decides that he needs a face-to-face consultation, he can move to a SmileShop at any time.

The treatments last between 4 and 6 months. Throughout this era, clients will have access to SmileDirectClub aid teams 24 hours daily. they’re going to be able to ask questions via video chat, email or phone. Its operation is analogous to it of a dental clinic, being more well-off for patrons. additionally, it includes the SmileDirectClub Guarantee, a pioneering offer within the sector that guarantees a straighter smile.

Experts quantify up to 17 styles of smile. They sprout counting on things. there’s one for flirting, another for lying. Also for fear, complicity or once we want to strengthen the social bond thereupon coworker that we like so well. SmileDirectClub aligners will allow us to recover all the probabilities of our facial features. Designed for ages 12 and up to make sure all teeth are adult, they address mild to moderate spacing and crowding problems.

SmileDirectClub could be a vertically integrated business and its telehealth platform offers a reasonable dental alignment solution at a one-time cost of 1,650 euros. Those interested can even finance it through Smile Pay, a convenient monthly payment option of 65.84 euros. that’s 50% but conventional treatments. it’s also more efficient, because it doesn’t require face-to-face visits each month and instead relies on virtual controls throughout the complete process.

Through its launch in Spain, SmileDirectClub aims to democratize access to an aligned smile at a reasonable price. In keeping with studies by the corporate itself, approximately 80% of Spaniards affirm that they might wish to improve their smile, but the worth of the treatment is that the first barrier to beat.

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